This is such a festive time of year! The crisp air, the beautiful colors, and the fun pumpkin carving. Here are some of the crafts that we put together for this Halloween!

We put together the wreath  from JoAnns with some fall picks. We created the sign using my Cricut. We cut the banners from the Potpourri Basket Cartridge with the Bonus Feature on Shadow with the design on page 61. We sized them at 3-1/2 inches. The  letters were cut from the Plantin Schoolbook Cartridge and they were sized at 2-1/4. We then attached them to string and then taped them to the door.

These pumpkins are made from posts cut into different sizes. If I were to make these myself; I got them from a Relief Society activity; I would have them be a little taller, more like these.  I just painted them a little and tied on the raffia and cloth, and inserted the twigs into the holes we drilled. Super simple. Look forward to a snowman project similar to this coming up.

We cut out some spiders and pumpkins and painted them and glued them onto some paper and cut out some holes so that tea-light candles would show through. We put them in hurricane vases and lit them up this evening. We also cut out the pumpkins this evening.

We were hoping for trick or treaters tonight, but no one came to our apartment so we were kind of sad. But next year maybe! Hope your Halloween was just as fun!