Preserving Series: Water Bath Canning: Applesauce Revisited

I was all set out to purchase this wonderful, full-size, great deal, water-bath canner yesterday morning from Kings, a great discount store that I just stumbled upon recently. You know I’m all about discounts right?! But as I picked it up to carry it to the register (imagine a very pregnant lady trying to carry a pot as round as her belly as well as a purse. It was hilarious!) I noticed that it said not for use on glass cooktops. Well life being what it is, it just so happens that where we live now has a glass cook top. So, I did a little reasearch and found out that they can indeed break glass cooktops, as well as their being other hiccups including sensors going haywire and so on. So not wanting to break the stove, I decided to go the route that I went last year. Another time I will purchase a wonderful huge pot to make canning go that much faster!

For now I am just using a large stockpot with a spaghetti insert to can my items, but there is also something new out there to new canners called the Ball Home Canning Discovery Kit that you can purchase for just over ten dollars from Amazon. You just need to make sure that it fits in your own home stockpot and this is a great tool for Canning Beginners! The image below is from

Anyways, on to the Applesauce! Let me just tell you though that yesterday was truly a canning experience!

We canned all the jars on the baking sheet and the full box just below!

11 hours, 4 full batches, and a ton of canned Applesauce later I fell into bed exhausted, but happy. I sent my awesome hubby to bed about an hour earlier, because he had to wake up early for work. Hopefully between my applesauce loving husband, and our dear sweet little man getting closer to making his appearance each day (EEK!!!), we will have enough applesauce to last us until next canning season. I’m certainly crossing my fingers! I used the canning recipe that I talked about here, 8 months ago. I also did some minor updates to the recipe from things that seemed to work easier for us this time around!

For us this was also a really great deal, because we were able to get the apples for free! Our landlords (My hubby’s Aunt and Uncle), have apple trees that they were not using, and they said that we could have as much as we wanted. So we paid for the price of the sugar, lemon juice, and the canning lids. That was a steal!! We are super excited and thankful to them! And as payment we are giving them some Applesauce! Have you come across any great deals like this?

I hope that you are getting everything all ready for fall!

As always From my Family to Yours…