The Beginning

Farmers Market Report June 11 2011

Well, this is the beginning. The beginning of a new blog, the beginning of a new life for you see my, now, husband and I were married on April 9, 2011. Okay not incredibly new but it still has all the shiny-ness of a newly married family. We have everything moved into our apartment and we love it here. One of my favorite pastimes is to go to local Farmers Markets. So I searched around the area having never lived in this area before, and found two that seemed of note. So early Saturday morning I set off with my long time friend from college,who also just moved to the area, and headed into downtown Boise to the second largest Farmers Market, I have ever seen. It was full to the brim with people and vendors. These were my spoils from the hour plus that we spent there. I am so excited for these! Peonies are one my favorite flowers, and though these were a little expensive for my taste, I determined that they were too beautiful not to have.

The heirloom tomatoes are another story altogether. Anyone who knows me from my youth would know that I disliked tomatoes in almost every format, except ketchup. But as I got older and especially since I began my Culinary Arts program in college, I have added them more and more in my diet. So to see me simply ecstatic over tomato plants, would almost render me unrecognizable to someone from my past. But I was looking for some more… developed plants, when the ones I started from seed, in April, mysteriously died off. I have always been interested in the tomatoes that were different then just the Early Girls, the Beefsteak’s, and the Cherry’s, and when I stumbled upon these (yes they are the color in their names) I was thrilled. Luckily I had Jessica there to help me carry my loot.

It was a rewarding trip and a fun day in the city. I’m looking forward to another trip there and also visiting the other Farmers Market.  I hope that your weekend was just as rewarding!