Change is a part of life. Things are always changing, which can be really hard for some people to cope with, so instead of saying change my descriptor here today will be: evolve. Which in fact actually suits my needs better then the previous word that starts with a “c”. Because what I’m talking about did not start as one thing and then completely shift 180ยบ to become something else entirely. It instead began as something and then added another idea or thing,  and then another, and another.  Continuously adding more but always building upon what was previously there.

Why so vague and random? What the heck am I even talking about?   
Excellent questions!

Well, it all began when I was a little girl,  (now is as good a time as any for a story right?). I loved pioneers. Not only is it a rich part of my religious heritage, but it is a part of my ancestral heritage as well.  All of my ancestors crossed the plains and even greater distances such as the Atlantic Ocean. I was obsessed with them. I also was very interested in emergency preparedness and would devour any disaster preparedness pamphlets I would get my hands on.  (Just to be clear I did not eat them.)

Then several years later my interest in food and cooking developed, blossomed and was put to good use feeding my husband and I. I started this blog to share delicious recipes with family and friends and to keep them in a “safe” place.

Then I got pregnant. I began to read and read. And not my usual fiction books (though I still do read those), but non-fiction. The first book that really opened my eyes to something new that I had never considered before, was “The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding.” I had never really thought about if I was going to nurse my children or not before, but I learned about the benefits as well as some of the difficulties that come with this once “almost lost art” and decided this was the way for me. Then I decided I wanted a natural birth, which I will someday soon share the story of little man’s birth.
Then we self-diagnosed ourselves as all having a dairy allergy and our diets evolved. And really from that point things began evolving very fast, so fast indeed that I can not remember exactly what and when everything happened.  Suffice it to say our world view is not the same as it was a year and a half ago.  We are still learning, reading, and growing but at this point we are adopting a whole foods life style; we are trying to adopt and support sustainable farming and practices; we are working on reducing, reusing, and recycling; and are trying to use more natural, environmentally, and humanly safe products. Over the next little bit I will delve a little deeper into each topic and share with you why we are evolving our views and understanding and how we are doing so.
As I said before we are building on the foundations that we already have and using them to mold our future. I am still the same person, I just have deeper cares, wants and wishes. I told you being a mom changed me, but hopefully for the better. And hopefully I am evolving into someone who is worthwhile in ALL that they do.

Stay tuned to see just what exactly is different.

From my Family, to Yours…

Have you ever evolved like this before?