One Thing Done! …Now Onto the Next Twenty

I wanted to share with you one reason why I have been absent a lot the last couple of weeks. One of our friends just had a handsome little stud muffin. When I first held him, I melted and he had my heart completely, so I’m sure his own parents are complete goners! We love getting to see this little family, and my hubby stops over every chance he can get to see them, since they live right over by where he works. He is going to be such a great daddy! They did a Calvin and Hobbes themed room and I must say it is breath-taking! His sister is a very skilled artist, and she did this AMAZING mural on one wall. They said if they ever move from their home, they will be taking that wall with them, too priceless to leave behind! And I entirely agree!

Calvin and Hobbes is licensed, and the author/owner has also not allowed any merchandise to be made; meaning that they did not really have anything Calvin and Hobbesesque, for their adorable baby room. And since I am a little crazy, and love tackling things that I really only have a vague idea of how to do it, I decided to make them a Calvin and Hobbes blanket, and at the last-minute I threw in some burp cloths. Here is the original image.

Now I am no artist, but here is my quilted/appliqued version.

I made Hobbes belly with a super soft minky fabric and I also threw in some flannels too, trying to add some texture differences. It’s not a perfect blanket but I did a soft fleece backing with this cute “I love Mommy I love Daddy” print.

Now the burp cloths were very simple and fun to put together, which was great after the labor intensive blanket.

We packaged them all up and gave them to them last week. They seemed to really enjoy them which I was super happy about, and I hope they get some good use out of them.

And now that I have those done I have a whole list of things to move onto including: things for our babies room, some serious canning that needs to be done, getting things settled in and moved around (again… my poor hubby is so awesome he helps me with each new room arrangement, while I am trying to find the “perfect” one, I love him!), and a couple other surprises as well! I hope that your weekend has been great! And that you are tackling all of your “fall plans” as well!! From my Family to yours…