Five Things

1- I love clean sinks. Love them. Like I will fight through a huge pile of dishes just so I can have a clean sink, even though doing the dishes is my top least favorite household chore. But I have such a love for clean sinks, that I will do my least favorite thing, daily. Multiple times daily. Just so I can have that clean sink. Even though it will fill up again by the next meal, or even sometimes before. I can get it back again. With just a little work, hope, and determination.

2- Have you ever heard of Brian Regan? If not, I am officially introducing you. He is a comedian and he is hilarious! And clean, so that is something that everyone can appreciate! In one of his skits, he talks about a dog that goes out at 3 in the morning and just starts barking it up for no reason at all, or even how some dogs have what appears to be a conversation. Now I always thought this was funny, because I had never experienced it before. But now I wake up at 4:50 in the morning to make the hubbs his lunch for the day for work and let me tell you, it’s not so funny now that the joke is now a reality. We have dogs all over in the area surrounding us and they ALL love to tell their story, beginning around 5:45, right when I am about to fall asleep, resulting in me not going to sleep. Even now as I type this there are dogs that are having, fierce arguments. At first I would just get frustrated, because I was so tired, but now I know that I just need to get up and do something, sleep will come later…. hopefully.

3- I found a job, though I don’t officially start training until tonight. Let me tell you from a friends experience, not mine yet, that it is not the most exciting job in the world, but hey it pays me twice a month; it has a really flexible, you set your own schedule, with a minimum of  2 week days a week and 4 weekend shifts a month (weekends being Fridays and Saturdays); and it’s not a hard job. So with this ever-expanding pregnant belly of mine, and exhaustion setting in a little more each day, from both the pregnancy and the reason mentioned above, I will not be over-exerting myself, with this job and I will be able to do pretty much up until he is born, and then hopefully after, while my hubby will be in school. (He officially starts in January, we got the good news!)

4- I finally went in to get the glucose test done, to check and see if I have Pregnancy on-set Diabetes, and let me just re-iterate, as I had previously heard, that drink is so nasty! Not only did it taste like too sweet warm soda, it really threw off my whole body. My joints hurt, I had a small headache all day, I was a little grouchy, and I had small cramps in my legs. I was glad to finally have it out of my system the next day. With all my symptoms it made me kind of nervous that I did have Pregnancy on-set Diabetes, but I have to wait to ge the prognosis from my doctor.

5- We have been working hard on getting our apartment in its final state, and the little mans things all set up, and washed and we are almost there! Part of the rush, is that my parents are coming into town this weekend, but also I have been itching to get things…. finalized. I want our home set up and how we want it. But also I think this nesting instinct that happens to pregnant ladies is also to blame. I just want everything clean and ready and all set up so that, just in case our little man decides to make an early entrance, which he has been advised several times that he can wait until he is good and ready, everything will be set for him. My dear sweet husband has been helping me with all of the never-ending tasks, and yesterday our travel system stroller was delivered to our house, without me even having to ask he hauled it up our stairs and put it all together. And when he was done, he showed off his handy work to me, and did a little stroller and car seat fashion show and walk-through with me. It was pretty great and I am so thankful that he is so excited to be a daddy and that he is so helpful in all the little things that he does for me.

I hope that you are having a great week and that you are enjoying, and working through all the little things in life! From my Family to yours…