A DIY “Green” Cleaner Recipe

On Pinterest I found this great link to a Recipe for a “Green Cleaner”.  I have recently learned that vinegar is a great cleaner and was used for years well before commercial cleaners even came on the market, and whats even better is that it does not have all of the chemicals that other store-bought cleaners have! The only issue that I could find with using it, then was its harsh smell. Introduce this recipe found at The Fountain Avenue Kitchen. It’s great because it includes peels from citrus fruits in the vinegar giving it a wonderful, clean smell. Head over to their website to grab the recipe, but I promise it is super easy to make. We did a batch of Orange Vinegar, Lemon Vinegar, and Lime Vinegar.

Now we just have to wait the two weeks until the oils from the peels have combined with the vinegar to give you a great cleaner, with a great smell!

From my Family to Yours…

A Cleaning Wonder

Last night we finally took down our Christmas Tree. I know it was cutting into January and getting a little late to still have a tree up, but we didn’t actually get our tree until Dec. 21st, so I digress. As much as I loved having the tree up and the wonderful scent that came along with it, the pine needles were starting to fall off and get everywhere, and it was taking up much-needed space in the living room so that we can work out, with our new Kinect, and not hit the tree as we go (which was pretty funny at first). Once we got that all cleaned up, I’ve been on a cleaning binge trying to get everything washed, cleaned, dusted, and fixed up for the new year. Last night, as I was laying awake unable to sleep, I was getting excited to re-upholster our old armchair and couch with new fabric. So excited in fact that I almost stood up and went about doing it, right then, until I realized it was 12:45 am, I needed to sleep, and finish my other cleaning projects first, and second finish a couple of other craft projects I have in the works (more on these in another post) before I jumped head over heels into re-finishing these furniture pieces. So I finally relaxed enough that I fell asleep.

On to cleaning today. Flash back several months ago, I was helping one of my friends move out of her apartment and doing the final cleaning that was necessary. I was cleaning her sink with some cleaner and all of a sudden sink stains were disappearing! I was in shock, thinking only a bleach solution, like my mom had always used was the only way to get rid of stains. I asked what this cleaner was, and she said just the generic brand of Soft Soap. So I purchased the name brand of Soft Soap, and decided that if the generic brand could get rid of 80% of the stains, then the name brand should at least make up that extra 20%. Best cleaning decision I have ever made.

Not to be all dramatic…. But it was THE best cleaning decision ever. Period.

Okay maybe not in the history of the world, but for me at least it was (seriously). Let me show you some before, during, and after photos. And see if you’re as convinced as I am. (Please excuse my dirty sink.) I was unable to show the full effect of how gross my sink really was, because my camera would not pick it all up. But here is the before.

Here is half of the sink cleaned. Can you see the literal line of stains? I know I can.

And here is after! Totally different isn’t it, not only in the stains gone, but now it literally sparkles, taking off stains that were on there before we even moved in!

I used the Lemon cleanser. See I’m not overreacting the bottle even says The Ultimate Clean! I was so excited by this I wanted to share my success with you! What a perfect new cleaner for a new year!

Plums are Purple, and Snickers are Sweet,

From my family to yours…

and Happy Cleaning!