A Summery and A Preview

It has been a little bit since I have been on here, but I wanted to share that we have been busily working away, preparing for the arrival of our little man. (5 weeks!) Starting to feel a little bit of a time crunch! I wanted to give you a quick preview of what we have been doing, and what you will get to see more of this week!

We got a great BB, and we also got an addition of Pineapple! Yummy! We’ll show you what we did with that later!

We also have been working on finishing up the nursery accents to our bedroom, we have been organizing, and labeling, and refinishing and sewing (well, I have been the one doing the sewing) like it’s been nobodies business!

Then we have been stocking up our fridge and freezers like crazy!!! Trying to prepare for the little man’s debut, so we can have food on hand, and not have to run for some kind of “take out” for dinner.

From my Family to Yours…

An Early Christmas and an Overflowing Basket

Well I am back! We purchased a computer and so far it has been incredibly nice to not have to have the computer plugged in 24/7. It was an unexpected expense but we’re so glad that we could afford it and that we could get one that should last us for the foreseeable future. So now that we finally have this new computer it is back to blogging!

I must tell you though, that it was an unexpected surprise that the computer died, and so my announcements and reorganization have been pushed back a little. Please allow me two more days before I make the official announcement, so I can finish up all of the online work that needs to be done. Thank you so much for your patience!

But on the this last Saturday. We got a beautiful Bountiful Basket!

The unknown item in this weeks basket is the Oroblancos. I had to look them up online, but I discovered that they are a cross between Oranges and Grapefruits, without the sour taste of Grapefruits. We haven’t tried them yet, but we are excited to try something new. There has been so many great things with this basket. We also got a 19 lb box of Washington Fuji Apples.

Are not these beautiful!? When I opened them they have this amazing apple smell that can’t be described any other way than; Fall. My plan for these beauties is applesauce, and apple pie for any left over apples. My husband loves applesauce on his pancakes, interesting I know, but whatever floats his boat. And since we eat pancakes so often, because we have such a wonderful recipe that we use here, homemade applesauce is the perfect complement. I will keep you updated on them as they are used up. I hope that you are enjoying this wonderful Holiday season!

Bountiful Baskets are my favorite!

Early this morning, as I was scraping the frosty ice off of my windshield, I was eagerly anticipating what I would find at this Bountiful Basket offering, especially since we haven’t gotten a BB in a long time. After I arrived at the location, this week an elementary school, grabbed the laundry basket that I keep in the back of my car for occasions such as these, and started heading over to the line I saw people walking away with full baskets, and the tell-tale foliage of Fennel. I have been wanting to cook with this vegetable for quite some time now, thank you BB and I finally can give it a try.  We got quite a few goodies this time:

We also got some extra offerings this time as well! We got an extra helping of Vegetables, in an Italian Pack:

We also got Ciabatta Bread!

Also I definitely recommend getting some of these bags, you can get them at most grocery stores right by the plastic ziplock bags. They are awesome I use them all the time, but they are especially helpful, because BB’s don’t come with the vegetables and fruits wrapped up so you need to do that your self. Did you come across anything cool or exciting to you this weekend?

Independence Day

What a beautiful day we had yesterday! I am so thankful to live in America and all the liberties that we have, and I am so thankful to those who have sacrificed there lives so that it can be so.

My husband and I celebrated by making Monster Cheeseburgers and Onion Rings; by the way it’s official, I am now officially a Rasmussen, I got my new Social Security card today. But back to the cheeseburgers, they were delicious!

Monster Cheeseburger

Monster Cheeseburgers

1 lb ground Beef

1 ld ground Pork

1 Onion, diced (I did one half yellow and one half red, that’s just what I had available)

1 large clove Garlic

1 1/2 Tbsp Barbeque Sauce

2 pinches dried Chile Flakes

Salt and Pepper, to taste

1 Tbsp Capers, smashed and minced

1/4 c Ranch Dressing

Gruyère Cheese, cubed

White Cheddar Cheese, sliced

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Mix all of the ingredients, besides the cheese together inside a bowl, until combined.

2. Form the mixture into patties, to your preferred size, we probably did about 2 inches tall by 3 inches wide, being sure to put 1-3 cubes of cheese in the middle of your patty.

3. We cooked the bacon that went into the burger in a cast iron skillet. Keeping the bacon drippings in the pan, we then cooked the hamburger patties in the skillet, for 3-5 minutes on each side. Then to make sure that they were fully cooked we placed them in the oven, being sure to put on a slice of  white cheddar cheese to melt. We cooked them in the oven for about 5 minutes, just make sure that they get cooked all the way through.

4. To put together the Cheeseburger, we first lightly toasted the buns, then placed the monster patty on the bottom and some bacon on top of that. Some fry sauce, one half mayonnaise and one half mustard, and some iceberg lettuce on the top.

They were delicious! For the onion rings we simply used a packet of “Onion Ring Batter” from the store, it was still delicious and it was so easy! With some salt and pepper and a dipping of fry sauce they were a superb side dish.

One more exciting thing I have to share! Bountiful Baskets. I think that this is a brilliant and easy and wonderful concept! This is a Co-op that is completely non-profit, basically you spend $16 for $50 worth of produce, half fruits, half vegetables. They even have completely Organic Baskets. Along with produce they also have many other goods, such as boxes of fruit, or loaves of bread, or cookies, or granola, etc. Right now they are available in AZ, CO, ID, KS, MT, NM, NV, OK, OR, SC, SD, TX, UT, WA, and WY, but can be added to new states or to your area, all you have to do is call and get set up to become a site host. This really is a cool opportunity, and sometimes you’ll get things that are new to your family so that will help you branch out and try new things. Click here to see for yourself. This was my basket for this week.Bountiful Basket 5-2-11