Farmers Market Honey

This last weekend I went to the Farmers Market in downtown Boise. It was so fun and festive! I am a big supporter of local businesses, and I knew I wanted to get some honey from local beekeepers. It is my semi-secret ambition to be a beekeeper someday. I’ve read a beekeeping guide and it just seems like it would be so awesome! Those tiny little insects do so much more for mankind then we often recognize or give them credit for.

This is honey that still has the comb in it and a mixture of honey and butter, both divine!

I also created a presentation on Prezi, an online resource where you can create mini-videos and use them in presentations. My Prezi was on Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and you can view it here. There was a whole speech that I presented with it, but that is buried in one of my school boxes somewhere. The information given though is actually very interesting and eye-opening. I hope you will take a look and that we will each do our part to help the honey-bees so that they will be able to sustain their population. Even if it is just planting a garden of some kind. We can all do our part to help in the keeping our planet, not only alive, but thriving!