Secret Lessons

Okay, so they are not really a secret for me, but they could be your secret weapon if you wanted!

Recently, I enrolled in America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School. It is designed for any level of chef. Basically, you complete the classes that you are interested in, build up your skill level and if you don’t want to learn anything else on the site, then you can cancel your membership! They start out with the basics: anything from what a basic kitchen needs (and it is not overwhelming, most of the things you probably have already), Food Safety 101, and Knife Skills. Then you can move on to classes like “Principles of Good Cooking” which teaches you the foundation that every good cook builds upon. They also have other lessons that focus on learning certain recipes or focusing on learning certain techniques of cooking. And for all you Italian lovers out there (I am right there with you) they have courses focusing purely on Italian cooking!

Maybe I’m just a foodie dork, but to me this is pretty exciting! I invite you to check out there main page here, and watch the two introduction videos, and also check out their list of courses. If you are a beginner chef, or an advanced chef, there are plenty of things to learn and do through this online school. This Online School is connected with, in my opinion the most trusted food source in America, America’s Test Kitchen, and Cooks Illustrated. You couldn’t be learning from better chefs, or better fool-proof recipes than these!

How much is this new-found treasure you ask? A monthly membership starts out at $19.95, with other packages and things you can add-on, including unlimited instructor access, if you feel that you will be stumbling around every corner. Is that a little too expensive for you? Well right now they are having a 14 day free trial offer! So, you can see for yourself if this cooking school is all it is cracked up to be! And even just get a couple of the basics down before canceling your membership.

If you have been wanting to learn some food basics, or you just want to amp up your recipe stores, then I recommend that you check this out. It maybe exactly what you are looking for. And with that I am off to do a couple more lessons for today! From my family to yours…