Little Mans Birth Story

And finally more then two years later here is the story of how he came to us:

November 4th

11:45 p.m.  Woke up to soaked underwear and bed, checked it out in the bathroom, and no I did not wet the bed (no pun intended). While gently shaking my hubbys shoulder, “Honey I think my water broke.” “Are you serious?”

November 5th

1:00 a.m.ish  Arrived at hospital.

7:00 a.m.ish  My contractions were not as close together as my nurse wanted (even though for tenish minutes before I had had three really strong contractions, that weren’t measured because the monitor was flipped on my stomache. Wanting as natural a birth as possible I should have asked if we could wait a little longer before petocin was administered… but I didn’t) so she delivered the petocin drip.

10:30 a.m.ish  The contractions were so painful and I felt like I was going to die, and the worst part? I was only half-way dialated. It had to get 5 times worse. I made the decision, I could not do this without the medication. Whenever I hear of or watch (like on TV) anyone not having an epidural I have a newfound respect for them. The nurse came in and told me I had to sit still as he admistered it, in between really short contrations. In between the blinding pain and trying to breathe, I had a milli-second thought of, “If I don’t hold completely still, am I going to be paralized?” But I tried to hold as still as I could, and then the millions of years that was probably two and a half minutes at most was finished. The pain lessened and then almost disappeared. A wonderful difference from 30 minutes ago.

12:45 p.m.ish  I was dialated and it was moving into the pushing phase of labor. But my parents we about an hour or so out so I labored down, and just let the contractions of my uterous push my little man down. As long as we were both doing okay there was no problem with this.

2:00 p.m. My parents said they were just about to park the car. But that is also when his heartbeat started to drop a little and the nurse was like, okay I’m calling the doctor, we are going to start pushing. She had my hubby go down and look while I pushed and you could see the top of his head. He was totally surprised. “Oh my Gosh! He’s just right there!”

2:00-2:05 p.m. Lots of nurses came into the room and were getting things ready and my doctor was suiting up. As I was waiting to be told what to do, it was now really hard not to push, since I had done those 2 or 3 practice pushes. And finally my dad walked in, having driven all night from Seattle WA area to Idaho Falls ID. And he was like “Wheres mom? She must have stopped to use the restroom.” The nurse said, “All right dad give her a kiss and head out, we are having this baby!” Then my mom came in and I started pushing.

2:06 Because I really could not feel the contractions at all they told me when to push. In between each push I was laughing. It was a completely surreal experience to have been waiting my whole life for this child and then to be so close to having him in my arms.

2:21 He was born and immediately handed up to me and I held him skin to skin. The moment he was born I was completely overwhelmed with love, so much so that two years later I still can not fully describe the powerful emotions I felt that day that clung to me like a hug for the next six months. I said “It’s so nice to meet you,” while crying. My hubby was on my left and my mom on my right. And we just soaked him in.


Then after a minute our doctor had my Hubby cut the cord and they took Ayden over to get his measurements and to clean him up, while I also was cleaned up (I started to tear, and then recieved an episiotomy) and the placenta was born. Because I still had the epidural in my system I felt amazing and exclaimed that we should have 12 more kids and start working on it immediately. They brought him back to me all bundled up and soon thereafter we tried nursing, we both had to learn a thing or two, but we got the hang of it sooner or later. As the epidural wore off and the pain came to me in full force I decided that I could wait a little while longer before having our next child and that 12 was a ridiculous number of labor and births not to mention children.


The first and last time that he sucked on his fingers.

me and ayden

The first few days were beautiful and exhausting and funny and sad as we started adjusting to this new little person in our lives. He truly has taught us the meaning of love and of life. We feel so blessed to be his parents.


Happy Turkey Day!

Wherever you may be, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving,  and hope that you have much to be thankful for.  I know that I do.  We are on our way to my sister in laws house to celebrate with family and are so glad that they are close so that we can do so. Whether you already have had your Thanksgiving dinner or are just about to, I hope you enjoy it and those that you share it with.

From our Family, to Yours…
Happy Thanksgiving!

A Lot to be Thankful For

I am sorry the only message you got from me last week was one of discouragement and frustration. That is not me, well not normally anyways. I just wanted to show that not everything is perfect around here, (if anyone even thought that when I am always saying how imperfect I am anyways).
This time however is a time to reflect on the many blessings we have been given and all that we are Thankful for. I mean that is the name of the Holiday we will be celebrating tomorrow, isn’t it? Thanks-giving. In recent years, this time of year has become too commercialized and focused on getting the best deal as soon as you can for as cheap as you can. People have even died over the issue. That seems beyond ridiculous to me.
This year we are setting apart Thanksgiving Day, as a sacred day.  A day for family, excellent food, and football (a tradition brought from my husband’s side of our little family). We are going to reflect on the things we are thankful for this past year and look to the future with all of its brightness with our hopes and dreams. And if we do any “black friday” shopping we will be doing so at local small businesses, to help boost our local economy.
So my invitation to you is that when you have a few moments in between the hustle and bustle of the next few days take that time to be thankful, to recognize the blessings that are before you whether they be family, friends, good food, or just life in general. We all have been truly blessed, isn’t it about time we start recognizing it?

From our Family, to Yours… With love and Thanks-giving this Holiday season!
What are you thankful for this time of year?

A Family of Fifths

One year ago today the cutest, most sweet, little rascal of a boy joined our family.


By joining us one year ago today he insured that our whole family would continue the tradition of being born on the fifth!


It was a beautiful day and we truely have been greatly blessed this past year!


He has changed us for the better. Our love and joys have grown deeper.


He gave us meaning to our lives and has changed the way we view the world.


We are seriously in love with him more then we could ever describe.


Its true some days are harder then others.


Some days nothing really goes right and we are all grumpy…


but even still those days are a million times better then any great day with out him in our lives.


And because we experience the tough days we come to appreciate the good days even more.


Without the bad we can not fully appreciate the good,


and our joy can not otherwise be full.


And what a full joy being a mother brings!


I am so thankful for our little blessing, and only hope that we can live up to the great responsibility that is before us.


From our Family to yours…

I’m still here! A Christmas Countdown Wrap-Up

I want you to know that even though I did not post the final days in my Countdown to Christmas, I was soaking up the Thanksgiving by actually living it! We decided last-minute that we were going to go home for Christmas, which included a ton of packing and traveling, and very packed days of visiting family and friends, and skyping with my Brother on Christmas Day. I wanted to share with you my last days of the countdown though, so you can see that I truly was living the Thanksgiving mode!

Day 4: I was so thankful for my brother. One of my best friends and the sweetest guy! It was his opinion that mattered most to me, when deciding if my hubby was the one, to be with me forever. And now I am so excited that he is an uncle to my son, and will get to meet him soon, though he saw him real-time on Christmas Day when we skyped.

Day 3: I am so thankful for the little man in my life that I get to call my son. He is such an amazing sweet spirit, and SUCH a good son. I swear I want to have about 10 kids because he is so good. And I love being his mommy. I love the look that he gives me. I can tell that he knows I’m his mommy and he loves being with me. I think it comes in part from our relationship that we have been building with nursing, all day everyday. Though hard at first, I love it, and I know that he doesn’t want it any other way, (he hates bottles). I love him more than anything!

Day 2: That is besides his father. I love my husband so much. He is my rock. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. He is a great supporter of his family and my best friend. I am so excited that I get to spend the rest of forever with him, and that we get to have a family together. We may have a rough couple of years ahead, where we sacrifice a lot, but that will only build character, and make our family that much more well off in the future. I’m so glad that he chose me.

Day 1: I am so thankful for my savior, and that the Christmas Season celebrates his birth. As December began I watched a church movie entitled Joy to the World. It celebrates the birth of the christ child with music and re-enactment video clips. This season I noticed that I appreciated Mary that much more. Her entire pregnancy experience, her love for her son, and the beauty that a perfect newborn baby can bring into your life. As you can tell I am still relishing in that experience myself and my son is almost 2 months old! I am so thankful for my saviour and for all that he has done for me and mankind. I will forever love the statement, “And man shall live forevermore, because of Christmas Day!”

I am so sad that the Christmas Season is done and that it went by so very fast, but I most definitely excited for 2013 and all the promise and beauty we have to look forward to.

From my Family to yours…


Day 5: Countdown to Christmas with Thanksgiving

Today I am thankful for my parents. I never knew how much they loved me, how much they have done for me, nor how much they were willing to do ANYTHING for me, that is, until I became a parent. It was such a revelation! How much I wanted to have everything perfect for his life, how often I dream of his future and see all that he can be. I wrote a letter to my parents, trying to express all of my love, my sorrow for the grief I have caused them, and how much more I appreciate all they have done for me! I miss them all the time and can not wait to see to them this Saturday, when we go to Washington for Christmas.


Here’s hoping you get to see 12 things that YOU are thankful for on this countdown to Christmas!

From my Family to yours…

Day 6: Countdown to Christmas with Thanksgiving

Today I am thankful for my extended family. Man I love these people! Both those that I have had my whole life, and those who I have acquired in recent years, when I married my best friend. I am so grateful for there love and support!

My  grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins are wonderful! Whenever we get together we have such a great time! I am so excited for next summer as we are going to have a Family Reunion, on one side of my family and we will all get together, which hasn’t happened for a very long time! Even though I don’t get to see them often, or don’t always express or show my love, these people are so great! Even though I have let them down at times, I appreciate the continual support, especially as I get older. And as I get to know everyone better I appreciate them more and more!  

And as for my new extended family I love them! All of my hubby’s aunts and uncles are so loving and welcoming! I have really enjoyed getting to know more and more of them, most especially as we have moved nearer to them! And my parents, brothers, and sisters in-laws are so awesome! I love being apart of their family! They have just accepted me as I am and we have such a fun time together. I am so blessed to have them in my life!

Here’s hoping you get to see 12 things that YOU are thankful for on this countdown to Christmas!

From my Family to yours…