Today and Yesterday, Clearing the Fog

I wish today could have been like yesterday. It was one if those rare days as a mother (at least for me that is). Yesterday, we played, all day. It was fun. I still cleaned and kept up with my house, but I was cleaning up little messes that we had just made, not dishes from today and yesterday, toys that we never picked up, and laundry that is unending. My son laughed, a lot, yesterday. And his behavior was so much more of what I know he really is, because he got the attention and time that he really needed from me. (Dividing my time between two kids has been a hard balancing act for me.) Today I was exhausted, …and weirdly starving.

Lately, I seem to be in a fog. That I can’t get out of. A rut that I am literally stuck in. I think part of it could be the fact that my dad was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, and another part may be that I can’t get enough of sugar right now. I started back to school this year in April and it quickly became clear that I could not finish the semester. There was too much going on in my life and if something had to give it wasn’t going to be my children or my husband (moving in the middle of the semester didn’t help either.)
Though it cleared yesterday right now I’m just trying to get out of the fog.