And then there was too much…

Have you ever felt overwhelmed? So much so that you started crying over something that wouldn’t have phased you any other day (I’m sure the pregnancy hormones don’t help)? That was me yesterday. I have been overwhelmed for quite a while, but yesterday I just couldn’t take it anymore. I started sobbing (I don’t even remember what the straw was that broke the camel’s back) and my poor son was quite saddened and concerned about me. He even was trying to make me laugh by falling off of his little bike, after the hugs didn’t fix the problem. He helped fix the moment, but I had a hard time not crying all day.
I just want so much to be a good wife and mother. To be a good homemaker and steward. To be a good student and friend. To be a true Christian and deserving Daughter of God.
I am trying to have more balance in my life and have been working on reading my scriptures daily something I have never been the greatest at (but I’m two months going strong). I also am allowing my
self to read a chapter or a portion of a book I want to read. I really want to sew (and really really REALLY need to get some gifts done and things made for our little lady) and work on some other projects that I want (and need) to do. But I can’t. I can’t find the time. (And I’m already not sleeping enough and feel like a zombie so that can’t be a solution).
For my Foundation of Early Childhood class I read and learn about how important it is for children to play, to be outdoors, to be engaged, and to limit there screen time, and it only makes me feel worse because I have to not give my full attention to my child and babysit him with the television, while I am learning these things. There is so much that I want to do for him and her.  So much that I want to be for them. So much that I want to have them experience and be.
And yet, now, in these day to day struggles I more often feel like I am failing both them and my husband, then growing closer to my goals.
I am taking life one day at a time,  And on the tough days I go to sleep with the hope that tomorrow is a brand new day. And with a little repentance and reliance upon the Lord I can start over with a brand new slate.

What comforts you when you have your tough days?

From my Family, to Yours..

What do you think?

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