Our Monthly Gift from the Earth

I have been asked by the lovely Larissa Dickson to be a co-contributor at the blog Everything doTERRA. She has really created an awesome space there to learn so much about Essential Oils! I am honored to work with her! Today I posted about our monthly gift from the earth. Here is a sneak preview:

“Each month we are blessed to receive products from doTERRA, and because doTERRA literally means gift of the earth, that is what we call our exciting package that arrives on our doorstep. We take part in the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP), which is an awesome incentive for Independent Product Consultants (IPC’S) which you should check out here. The longer you stay with the program the more points you receive back for your orders. It does max out at 30%, but the credits build very quickly and you can use those credits to reduce the cost of your oils and even get them free! We are saving up our credits to use them in a large chunk.


This was our order this month! Normally we get more…”

Make sure to click-through and see what we got this month, and all the other great things she has available!



What do you think?

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