Christmas Countdown: Bringing Meaning to the Season: Day #11

This year for our Christmas Countdown I want to focus on things that we can do to bring meaning to this holiday season that we celebrate.

Alright so now that your schedule should be cleared of the superfluous good activities that you can take part of during the Holiday season, why don’t you use that extra time to create a new simple, meaningful, and fun tradition?

Why not pop some holiday flavored popcorn and watch a classic Christmas Movie? Or download a snowflake stencil and make simple but fun holiday decorations? Or read a different Christmas story every night leading up to Christmas? Or finally why don’t you designate a night to go walk (or drive) around and look at all the festive holiday lights that adorn your town?

None of these ideas seem interesting to you? Come up with your own! The point is to spend the time enjoying the season and the time you get to spend with those you love! The memories you create will be unforgettable!

From my Family, to Yours…

Wishing you Peace and Joy this Holiday Season


What do you think?

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