The Truth

So I have to admit something that is going to come as a great shock (THAT was sarcastic):

I am not perfect.

I know! I know! Life changing news right there. As much as I wish that I could model my life after all those other ladies that I see (both in real life and virtually) who seem to somehow be supermom’s and always have a clean house, happy husband, happy children, perfect dinners, blog everyday, do all the crafts that they want to do, help others around them, and even more, and somehow also sleep, …I can’t.

I know that, most especially in blog-land, that is just a front, it is how they present themselves. We tend to hide the messes, and the full sink and unfinished projects, and and and… well you get the picture. But it is something that I struggle with. As I have mentioned before, I have some lofty goals, some that I have mentioned here, and others I have not. I picture things in a perfect state in my mind, and then as I try to bring them about… they just about never turn out the way that I imagine. There are a lot of things that I want to perfect about myself, and the way that I do things, and though I am not perfect and most often fail, I do keep trying, which I at least feel is a positive aspect. Though it does all sometimes seem to become overwhelming. But C’est la vie! (Such is life).

I am so glad that I have the example of others, whom I know are not perfect, but they do not focus on their imperfections, they acknowledge them, put them before you, but then turn their backs to their faults and move forward. I hope to be more like them! There are MANY real life examples that I can share with you, but not wishing to invade anyone’s privacy, I will only share with you two blogs of those ladies that I entirely admire, and hope someday to become like.


This adorable blog of one of my friends, whom I hope to be like someday, is real. She always speaks to my heart, and she doesn’t try to be something that she is not.


This lady has a way of writing that speaks to the very soul, maybe it is just because I am about to enter into a very similar situation as her, in some respects, but she is able to find the good, the humor, and/or the memorable in each and every post. She makes me laugh out loud constantly. And sometimes being able to laugh, is the only thing that will help you pick up the pieces around you and move on.

So no, I am not perfect. Yes it did take me all day (meaning literally from when I finally got out of bed because I couldn’t fall back to sleep at 6:00 am until 10:30 pm when I finally just decided to let the other little things go) to clean (and deep clean certain aspects) the house on Friday. And yes it also only stayed that way for so many hours. *Sigh*.  Yes, I also have been fighting a cold combined with a lack of sleep, thank you stuffy noses and heartburn, since Wednesday (which lets me off in some small approximation). Yes, sometimes I just don’t feel like cooking, or blogging, or doing much of anything. But I am pleased to report that in comparison with a year ago, when I would feel like this and then literally not do anything, now I am finding those things that do need to be done, and can be accomplished within the realm of my laziness not wanting to do such and such, and then actually completing them! It may seem like a small improvement, but to me it is a BIG step in the right direction. I don’t get caught up as easily in the vicious cycle of not wanting to do anything, and then getting discouraged because nothing got done.

I am hoping as time goes by, that I may learn, grow, and adapt more and more to all of life’s mountains and valleys and that I may be at peace, with who I am, and what are in the limits of what I can accomplish.

Here’s hoping that I spoke to a truth within you…

From my Family to Yours…


One thought on “The Truth

  1. Lynzi, I have now spent over an hour on your blog, reading old posts and other articles from the links you posted. I’m so excited to hear about your new baby and how it feels to be a mama. I know you’ll be so great.
    As far as this post goes, I feel like I have to accept the fact that I’m imperfect every day! I don’t know why a lot of women struggle with the need to be perfect; I just know the struggle is there and it’s very real. Thank you for this inspiring post (and for all the other ones I read tonight!). What you said about not wanting to do anything and then being frustrated that nothing is done…let’s just say that hit very close to home :) I hope you don’t have to deal with this, but just as a head’s up, my perfectionism only increased when I had Addie. I spent the first few months of her life struggling with postpartum depression and trying to feel like I was doing something worthwhile, even if all I did on a given day was feed and hold my baby. If you ever come up against this sort of thing, just know that I’m your ally. Feel free to talk to me about it.
    And gosh, my absolute goal in life is to be real with people, to let them see who I actually am and never put on a front. So THANK YOU for that amazing compliment. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me.
    P.S. Isn’t meginprogress the best? I love her!

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