Baby Update

I just wanted to share a quick update with you about how everything is going with us there being only four weeks and one day left until the little man’s due date. We had a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday, they will now be weekly until he is born, and everything is on schedule! His heartbeat was 166 beats per minute and he is in a head down position!  So we are getting closer! We have just a little bit until he is in our arms and not just in my belly. And the question people seem to ask now is “Are you ready for him to get here?”

And the answer is, “Honestly? No.” Are we beyond excited to have him here, and cuddle with him and kiss his fingers and toes and face and tummy? Yes. My husband laughs at me because I so often have this little outbursts exclaim the said desire above.

But I am still nervous. As one of my friends shared her own feelings, they just so happened to be exactly as I feel. She said, “I shouldn’t have to give birth, until I am no longer afraid to give birth.” She then went into labor that night. So though I know I will probably not get over my “fear” of bringing him into this world, I can not wait to meet him! If that makes any kind of sense.

 Hoping that all is going well for you and your family!

From my Family to Yours…


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