A DIY “Green” Cleaner Recipe

On Pinterest I found this great link to a Recipe for a “Green Cleaner”.  I have recently learned that vinegar is a great cleaner and was used for years well before commercial cleaners even came on the market, and whats even better is that it does not have all of the chemicals that other store-bought cleaners have! The only issue that I could find with using it, then was its harsh smell. Introduce this recipe found at The Fountain Avenue Kitchen. It’s great because it includes peels from citrus fruits in the vinegar giving it a wonderful, clean smell. Head over to their website to grab the recipe, but I promise it is super easy to make. We did a batch of Orange Vinegar, Lemon Vinegar, and Lime Vinegar.

Now we just have to wait the two weeks until the oils from the peels have combined with the vinegar to give you a great cleaner, with a great smell!

From my Family to Yours…


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