Life’s Mini Battles

As I lay on the bed looking out the window at the beautiful trees surrounding our apartment, and the leaves that gently fall, I can’t help but be excited for fall! It is such a special time of year with lots of great memories to be made, though the other night my Husband said that he hates this time of year because it means baseball (his most favorite thing in all the world, I believe that his love for it is just below his love for me and our little man) is over until next spring. But even with all this excitement for the season, today I have been fighting a couple of things.

Exhaustion. Everything seems to take 4x more of my energy than before.

Headache. I have had a pretty bad headache all day, and Tylenol (the only drug I can take while I am pregnant, not that I want to take even it, keep those excess things away from my little babies developing body Thank You Very Much!) does not help me very much. Excedrin is my headache friend, but I can do without it, for now.

Braxton Hicks/False Labor. It kinda really hurts sometimes. And gets me worried that I might have this little boy early!

Freezing. So… we sleep with our windows open at night. Why do we do this harebrained scheme? Well, it effectively cools down the house (early morning temp. is about 62-64 degrees) without having to turn on the air conditioner, (saves electricity, YAY!) and we I kinda like the early morning chill the house has because of it. It gets me moving and wakes me up. Also, by the end of the day, when our home has warmed up to about 68-71 degrees I can’t wait to open the windows and cool it back down. This plan has worked out great the whole two months with have lived here… that is, until last night. Last night it finally froze, I heard my sweet husband scraping ice off the windshield at 5:15 this morning, as he was heading off to work. Thus this freezing temperature outside put the house into a freezing temperature inside. 58 degrees (sounds almost like a cool 90’s band…. pun intended). Cold. Very cold. I did the dishes this morning trying to warm up my hands, and even drank a cup of Hot Cocoa to try to warm up, to no avail. In summation, it’s chilly in here, if you didn’t already get that point, and we might not be sleeping with the windows open anymore this year.

Yet, I am happy to report a couple of but(s), to all of my compliants mini battles, and they are:

We moved our bedroom around to its final location. This is move #4, and I am sure that my husband was starting to get weary of all of the furniture moving, which mostly just included the crib, the changing table, and the dresser. But now our super long bedroom, is in its final setup and it feels even bigger now (but mostly wider). Everything is in a great layout, I feel that the Chi in the room is in balance now, when before it was just …off. Pictures will be coming soon.

Also I have been organizing like nobodies business for the last couple of days trying to deep clean and just clean up our home, trying to get everything ready. We are pulling out all of our summer clothes from our wardrobe, and will swap them out with our winter clothes in the storage unit (which we will do probably today due to things stated above.) We also packed our Hospital Bag last night! Crazy that we are at that stage, but we don’t want to be caught unaware, just in case some little boy that we can’t (but can at the same time) wait to meet decides to come earlier then expected, which we have been getting the feeling that he will be early (whatever that means, 2 weeks or 2 days).

I hope that you are enjoying your week and that your own personal battles are not holding the reins over you!

From my Family to Yours…


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