Introduction and Confession

I would like to Introduce someone to you, finally… :)

This is an Ultrasound Picture of our baby at 8 weeks, 3 days. And if you are wondering what that little hollow circle is, right next to the head and the arm, that is the Yolk Sack, that is what feeds the baby before the placenta is fully developed and attaches, it disappears soon thereafter. My dear sweet husband loved to tell people that they had a little beach ball in there with them. He makes me laugh. All the time. Our little baby was said to be due November 18.We found out on July 3rd that we are going to have a little boy!!  We had a very strong feeling that we were going to have a little boy, but either way we were just so excited to have a little baby! And he looks completely healthy from the ultrasounds, and is so far entirely on track with his due date still being November 18. If you look at where the arrow is pointing in the picture you can see his little hand holding onto the umbilical cord. As it turns out, the placenta was on the front of the uterus, or otherwise called an Anterior Placenta, which is no problem at all, except that I could not really feel him for a little longer, because he had to build up the strength to punch and kick through the placenta. And also it took a little longer for the Hubbs to feel him, which he was a little impatient I think.  Now he has been kicking on a regular routine, though he also has his periods where he is calm and not kicking, which kinda scares his mom, but I’m hoping that he is just having his up and down days.

Though I don’t really like taking too many pictures of myself, people have been asking to see pictures of me with my pregnant belly. :) So here are some, and as more are taken I will put them up.

The picture on the left was taken behind our apartment in Meridian, Id. Since the beginning of the year we have been trying to figure out the course of action that the Hubbs was going to take next in segment of our life. One course of action was partially decided on, but then when we found out that we were going to have a baby, that plan got left in the dust. We then decided, through lots of research and prayer, that the Hubbs would go back to school. He applied and was accepted to BYU-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho. With us being unsure of when he was going to actually start going back to school, we decided that we should look at moving over to the other side of the state sooner rather than later, because we didn’t think moving, with me being super pregnant nor having a newborn baby was the wisest thing to do. Around the beginning of June we were saying, in a couple of months we want to move over there. But one evening towards the end of June, my hubby got a phone call from his Uncle who lives over in Rigby Idaho. He offered for us to live in the apartment that they have attached to their house over their garage. We said that we would love to check it out when we came over for the Family Reunion in a couple of weeks. We had a couple of reservations, because the apartment was only a one bedroom and we had just purchased a new couch, and they wanted to keep their other couches in the apartment. But the last weekend in June we looked at the apartment and loved it! It is huge! And we decided that was where we needed to be. So when we came home, we gave our 30 day notice to our apartment complex, cancelled all our superfluous utilities, and boxed up our stuff and moved it all over to our new apartment in Rigby, Idaho. The picture on the right was taken on our balcony right outside our new apartment. Though we were sad to leave all of our friends but this new apartment has been so great for us and we love it and are excited for the things that are coming!

Now for the Confessions. Even though I have not written in such a long time, I still plan postings and think about this blog all the time. I have taken pictures and figured out what things I want to do. Also I have found that the movie Julie and Julia, helps get me back into the blogging sphere, even though I can not stand Julie’s character, she is a spoiled brat in my opinion, but I believe that Julia more than compensates for that.

There are some things that I want to put into action with this blog and I have recommitted myself to putting some time aside to make those things happen! I hope that you will stay with me as we go forward, with our lives! Thank you so much for sticking with me thus far!



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