All about me? Need to work on that.

…So I need to work on not being so selfish. I don’t know maybe it’s because lately it has all about me. How I am feeling, what I have been doing, or how the baby is doing (a part of me right? -there I go again with the selfishness). But when my dear, sweet, and very wonderful husband came home and reminded me that today is Thursday I felt the selfish beast rise up inside of me. What’s wrong with Thursday you may ask? Oh nothing, really. It’s just that on Thursday’s the hubby goes and plays with a church softball team. Which is 30-40 minutes away and often they stay for 2 games, an hour each. BUT he loves going, and playing, not to mention that his absolute favorite sport is Baseball, yes I do know that softball is different, but he takes it however he can get it.  Honestly, I really do want him to do what he wants to do, what ever it may be, and I love when he enjoys himself doing things that he loves. I just miss him all day long, he is often gone until 7 and sometimes later, and on Thursdays he is gone all day. Alright, I am done with that. Let’s move on to something positive! :)

Let me update you on how our little baby is doing! :) He/she is doing great! We are 17 weeks along and just had a doctor’s appointment on Monday and we heard the babies heartbeat which was clocked at 156 beats per minute. We have three weeks until we can find out the gender and we are super excited!

Over the last couple of days, the nausea… and other symptoms that I was experiencing have greatly reduced, I’m hoping for good this time. And I have been able to do more and more things that I want to/really really need to get done. I hope that you are all doing great! And I am hoping that I will get back to more of a schedule with this blog! Thank you all my friends for being so understanding! And now I am feeling like making some delicious cookies! From my family to yours…


What do you think?

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