The Reason Why

Sometimes life is just hard isn’t it? Your busy or the woes and troubles of life get you down, or there’s a sickness that you can’t explain, or understand.

Well we all have these troubles and for me, I pick option C as my excuse this time. I’ve been sick for quite a while now, but the reason, that I can now finally share with you is that I am pregnant!

This came as a big shock to us. We were not planning on it or expecting it and in fact when we were at the doctors office, thinking that I had some kind of thyroid disorder, and the doctor told us, the hubby asked three or four times, “Are you sure?!” What a surprise!

And what a great lesson it has been for me. I have had to learn that I don’t control everything, and it’s okay that I am not feeling well enough to do the dishes, or the laundry, or really anything.
The hubbs has been better then I could have dreamed. He has taken up the mantle of homemaker without a complaint, as it was almost overnight that I became severely incapacitated, and barely able to get dressed let along anything else. He also is very excited to be a daddy and he is very sweet and kind, though there are stressful things that come with pregnancy he has had great patience and kindness with me.

I apologize that it has been so long since I have been on here and I hope that now that I have finally been able to share the news I will be back more often.


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