Bountiful Baskets

If you know anything about Bountiful Baskets I am sure that you are thinking, “Isn’t this a little bit late?” and to be perfectly honest, you are completely right, but I have been buried this week and have not had a second to get to it. And by buried I mean crushed almost to death by a falling avalanche. Yeah, it was intense. I am assisting in putting together a play that the youth in our ward are going to put on in April. It should be really good and I am excited for it, but this last weekend was a bear, getting everything together for it. And it didn’t help that (though I am grateful for this) I was asked to fill in at Owyhee Elementary school and if it worked out to work there for the rest of the school year. Originally I was asked to do the trial the 15th-22nd of this month but then it was extended the 24th, and today they asked if I would  be able to go until the 9th. So I think that is them saying that they like me….. but I’m not sure.

But let me share with you my awesome Bountiful Basket for this last Saturday!

Beautiful colors right?!

And per usual we got some sourdough bread, we love this stuff! We love-making garlic bread with it!

Also, those of you who are in Idaho I have something awesome to share with you! On Livingsocial they have a deal going for FunClub:365! You should check out there website here, to see all that you get, because the Livingsocial deal doesn’t even mention all of them! It’s really awesome, the hubby and I each got a pass and we are so excited to us them this next year.

I hope that your week has been good and less busy than mine!

Plums are Purple, and Snickers are Sweet,

From my family to yours…


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