An Early Christmas and an Overflowing Basket

Well I am back! We purchased a computer and so far it has been incredibly nice to not have to have the computer plugged in 24/7. It was an unexpected expense but we’re so glad that we could afford it and that we could get one that should last us for the foreseeable future. So now that we finally have this new computer it is back to blogging!

I must tell you though, that it was an unexpected surprise that the computer died, and so my announcements and reorganization have been pushed back a little. Please allow me two more days before I make the official announcement, so I can finish up all of the online work that needs to be done. Thank you so much for your patience!

But on the this last Saturday. We got a beautiful Bountiful Basket!

The unknown item in this weeks basket is the Oroblancos. I had to look them up online, but I discovered that they are a cross between Oranges and Grapefruits, without the sour taste of Grapefruits. We haven’t tried them yet, but we are excited to try something new. There has been so many great things with this basket. We also got a 19 lb box of Washington Fuji Apples.

Are not these beautiful!? When I opened them they have this amazing apple smell that can’t be described any other way than; Fall. My plan for these beauties is applesauce, and apple pie for any left over apples. My husband loves applesauce on his pancakes, interesting I know, but whatever floats his boat. And since we eat pancakes so often, because we have such a wonderful recipe that we use here, homemade applesauce is the perfect complement. I will keep you updated on them as they are used up. I hope that you are enjoying this wonderful Holiday season!


One thought on “An Early Christmas and an Overflowing Basket

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