Birthdays, Christmas Cards, and A Work in Progress

I have been super busy this last week getting together our Christmas Cards, we want to try to get them out early, because there is time sensitive information in them. We are sending them all over. I’ve taken note of all the places we are sending them and they are going all over. So far the list includes: AR, AZ, CA, ID, MN, NV,OR, UT, VA, WA, Brazil, and Italy! We are just gathering together some final addresses to get the last of the Christmas Cards out.

I also celebrated my 23 Birthday on Monday so we had a little get together with our friends. We went out to eat at my new favorite Pizza Place, Proto’s. It serves up authentic Italian pizza, and Mmm is it delicious! Then we had everyone come back to our apartment for yellow cake with chocolate frosting, my favorite, and we played with our new Kinect for Xbox 360, that we got for Christmas (okay we opened it early, but we both knew what we were getting so we rationalized that it was okay that we open it.)

Earlier in the day one of my friends took me out for Ice Cream and when I came home my dear sweet hubby had these things for me this is them after I had unwrapped them. He is so sweet. I love the calla’s, they are similar to the ones that I had in my wedding bouquet. He got me the notebooks because I am always sketching, making lists, and patterns and the ones we had were almost gone. Later he also gave me some Lindt milk chocolates. Delicious! It was a good day.

I want to also update my wonderful readers that SnickerPlum is going to be under construction for the next couple of days and at the end of the construction there will be a big exciting announcement! So Please Excuse the Dust. Thank you all so much for your support!


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