This is a post I have been planning for a long time, and it involves quite a few tips, ideas, and information and also a lot of referring you to other places. I am not all-knowing when it comes to coupons, and I certainly haven’t gotten the best deals in the history of couponing, but I have been able to save large amounts of money, using them.

Lets start off with some reasons to Coupon:

1. To save money, which is always a good thing, especially if you have a tighter budget.

2. To build up a stockpile of food and non-perishable items, without the large price tag so often connected with having food/good storage.

3. It is fun and exhilarating to see how much you can save!

The church that I attend teaches and strongly encourages having a food (and good) stockpile set aside.  One of my church leaders, Elder L. Tom Perry, admonishes, “One of the better ways to simplify our lives is to follow the counsel we have so often received to live within our income, stay out of debt, and save for a rainy day. We should practice and increase our habits of thrift, industry, economy, and frugality.”

How to Start Couponing:

1. Start collecting coupons.

Get a Sunday Newspaper, and for those who feel they have got the hang of coupons, or if you just want to dive in head first, you can order 5 Sunday Newspapers. Ask friends and neighbors if they get coupons, and if they would want to share them. I have a good friend who does get the 5 papers a week and after she takes the coupons she wants she shares them with our friend group and we each take any extras we might want.

Go online! There are so many coupons available online. Here are a couple of places that have printable coupons:

You should also choose to follow a coupon blog. They help you learn all the finer points of couponing, and they also let you know of different sales and possible freebies that are available. Here are some good ones:

2. Shop the sales at stores.

This takes a little bit more information. Along with the coupons, in the Sunday Papers, they have the store ads. When I get my paper, I separate out the store ads that I shop at, and the coupons for that week. First you need to know what you need at the store. Then I go through the coupons first, and take out the coupons that I will use. Now that is important! Don’t get coupons for things that you don’t normally use. Now, one thing with couponing is that the “experts” say that you need to leave behind all-brand loyalties when you start couponing. I myself don’t do that with everything, but most things, so that even though you might not use that brand, if you use that item, you can get that coupon. Now with items that you don’t use or need, for example, I don’t eat Pop-Tarts so I wouldn’t collect coupons for them. See the difference?

Then I look through the sales ads and see what sales the stores are having. Now this also requires some research, because you need to know if the sale you are deciding to buy or not, is in fact a good deal. This takes time however, so don’t expect to know this over night, there are still things that I don’t know if it’s the best deal.

Now 1) Obviously get what you need at the store, but 2) build up your stockpile, slowly. Don’t get everything at once and don’t spend a fortune doing it, but do get the good deals and take it one step at a time.

This might mean that you will have to go to more stores on your shopping trip but you will have more savings as well. When you first start out this may seem like a lot of work, but as you become accustomed to this you will find your own ways or streamlining it to work best for you and pay you back for all of your hard work.

This is the basics for couponing. Other websites, that I have previously outlined, give more details on how to build upon the skills I have outlined. If you have other questions, ideas that will help, or statements please feel free to leave them below.

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