Bountiful Baskets are my favorite!

Early this morning, as I was scraping the frosty ice off of my windshield, I was eagerly anticipating what I would find at this Bountiful Basket offering, especially since we haven’t gotten a BB in a long time. After I arrived at the location, this week an elementary school, grabbed the laundry basket that I keep in the back of my car for occasions such as these, and started heading over to the line I saw people walking away with full baskets, and the tell-tale foliage of Fennel. I have been wanting to cook with this vegetable for quite some time now, thank you BB and I finally can give it a try.  We got quite a few goodies this time:

We also got some extra offerings this time as well! We got an extra helping of Vegetables, in an Italian Pack:

We also got Ciabatta Bread!

Also I definitely recommend getting some of these bags, you can get them at most grocery stores right by the plastic ziplock bags. They are awesome I use them all the time, but they are especially helpful, because BB’s don’t come with the vegetables and fruits wrapped up so you need to do that your self. Did you come across anything cool or exciting to you this weekend?


What do you think?

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