Harry Potter: The Finale

I am so excited for tonight, my husband and I are going to the final installment of the Harry Potter series on film. We have been watching the previous movies up until now and are ready for the final movie. I must say that I am a little critical of the series, just ask my husband, and I am hopeful that the final movie will live up to all of the fans expectations and more. Heres a great fun and easy snack for all of your movie escapades.

Homemade Popcorn

Popcorn kernels, white or yellow

Canola Oil (any frying oil will work, it just needs to have a high smoking point, so not olive oil)

Butter, to taste

Salt, to taste

Any seasonings you wish, what we use (below)

Popcorn Seasonings

1. Heat oil on medium in a pot with a lid, enough oil to just cover the bottom of the pan. Add popcorn, again enough to cover the bottom, and a little more if you wish. Watch the oil and popcorn, it can burn.

2. While the popcorn is heating you can melt the butter in the microwave, and prepare any seasonings you may want to add.

3. When the popcorn, begins to pop be sure to have your bowl on hand. Do not remove from heat until pot is full and you pour into the bowl. Being careful to leave behind as many kernels as possible to heat them until they pop.

4. Add butter and seasonings and enjoy, perfect to eat while watching your favorite movie, or playing and games with your family.


One thought on “Harry Potter: The Finale

  1. Love your blog Lynz! It will be fun to keep up with what you guys are doing and I may get a new recipe idea too. We love you. Aunt Susan

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